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2018 autumn/winter 


The collection was inspired by my aunt, who, as many others, faced a terminal cancer. I wanted to reflect all the strength and bravery she lived with.

I have been investigating the psychological processes when it comes to trauma. It is a journey that requires moving step by step until the reach of acceptance when you can finally understand that all the pain can be useful. It can be the drive that will help you rise to the next level and to see things from another point of view. Our physical pain is the cause of our deepest fears and unresolved problems.




this is the way I show the duality in life and turning It into a fashion concept.

"Acceptance is the act of organising your mind , deconstruction of the happiness to find your real one, accepting who you really are, fighting throught the bad vibes to raise up as a better you"
All pieces are handmade IN barcelona with high quality fabrics such as cotton, silk and corduroy. With gold details and arabic inspirations for the silhouette, and especially intented to hightlight the beautiful feminine shape
_DSC0259 copia.jpg


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