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RUSH CORP 07: DESTINY. LIVE DECEMBER 17TH. Single Edition. DIGITALAX 6 days ago·4 min read DESTINY ERC-721 NFT Single Edition. LIVE December 17th 5PM UTC.

Designer: Mar Guixa Studio. Read more about Mar Guixa Studio below. Featuring ROBNΞSS. With an undulating poise and charm in her walk, one might expect Destiny to be a fragile and delicate girl. However, most of the people who expected that are now rounded up in jails across the land as Destiny rocks a diverse arsenal of weapons that can knock anyone down with pinpoint accuracy. Trained as an assassin in a prestigious yet undisclosed insititute in her younger years, Destiny has only enhanced her skills over her time as a RUSH agent, making her career record a mark of envy for her peers. Destiny also performs her role as a team leader for many of RUSH Corps’ most dangerous missions due to her remarkable performance as a leader, naturally reflected in her royal attire.

What a buyer receives: FBX file, GIF, Exclusive ROBNΞSS patterns/texture Child NFTs. Surprise Gift!

All designs come with a surprise gift. Exclusively crafted by ROBNΞSS for the DIGITALAX Auction: Collection02. Winning bidders will receive this exclusive edition crypto art piece NFT drop at the end of the Auction!

Exclusive ROBNΞSS ERC-1155 Child NFTs. Title: Perception Remembered. Description: Past lives are never guaranteed to reveal the truths you seek. Perception Remembered is an ode to experiential distortion and how me might not entirely grasp that past reality as intended.

Product Specs

  • Item code: #00026

  • Standards: ERC-721

  • Composition (Child NFT): DF003

  • Form: Digital-Only

  • Release date: 17-Dec-2020

  • File type: FBX

  • Staking: $MONA ERC-20

  • OpenSea standards: Yes

*Child NFTs are owned by the master ERC-721 NFT. Burning the master ERC-721 NFT unlocks the individual ERC-1155 NFTs.

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Updated: Dec 22, 2020

DIGITALAX 6 days ago·13 min read

For weeks our digital fashion designers have been ideating, styling, designing, hard at work in their digital fashion labs to create and build exclusive, luxury and hyper realistic 3D digital fashion garments and accessories for the DIGITALAX ecosystem.

Our designers are based globally, from New York to Italy to Spain to South Korea to Mosco to Rwanda…..

They are the DIGITALAX creative engineers and what inspired us to bring this project forward — we want to enable them with the right tool stack, distribution channels, developer collaborations, to take the digital fashion industry into the future and be part of building the next digital economies of scale through gaming and VR.

Digital Fashion is the future. And our designers are an essential part of this.


#virtualfashion #cryptoessentials

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