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Barcelona based designer Mar Guixa is leading the way in the world of Meta Fashion, with her up and coming digital fashion brand Mar Guixa Studios. Already having established the brand by being included in NYC Digital Fashion Week 2022 and working with various singers and high-profile clients, Mar Guixa uses advanced 3D Tech and hyper realistic prototypes.

After selling NFTs since 2019, what first prompted you to enter the world of Meta Fashion? That is a good question because I literally found virtual fashion because of a real need. In 2019 in MAR GUIXA STUDIO, we were doing custom physical garments under pre-order. It was more like an atelier where we were creating unique pieces for our clients. At that point, we noticed that our customers usually struggled when explaining their idea, and it was difficult to get to some point without doing some prototypes or variations, wasting materials, time, and money. So, I was looking for a tool that allowed me to show the designs without having to do it physically, and here is when I found out about 3d clothes and CLO3D software. Then I got obsessed with that, no jokes, 24/7 testing new things, improving and creating. And one day I decided that MAR GUIXA STUDIO would be completely virtual and trusted my intuition.

Since digital fashion events, such as Digital Fashion Week NYC 2022, are gaining popularity, what does this mean for the future of Mar Guixa Studio? It means that it is the very beginning of something that none of us can’t imagine what will be in a few years. It’s a new open window to create the fashion of the future, but bigger than a window, it is like a portal to the most amazing collaborations, experiences and artistic ways to experiment fashion on all our versions and all the realities. Let’s not forget that one of our main values since the beginning is to make designers and customers play with fashion again, and experiment with the limits of creativity.

The fashion world is a notoriously exclusive and often intimidating place. How do you surpass these boundaries? How do Meta Fashion brands compare to historic and notorious fashion houses that are already established? In answer to your first question, I would say: it was. I used to feel intimidated by the fashion world, but since meta fashion started…It is changing the game in the fashion industry. Maybe not in 2020, when everything started, but now in 2022 every fashion brand wants to start doing something, maybe they want to create nfts of the garments because of all the hype around it, or making some prototypes for marketing, social media, for the e-commerce or even better integrating the digitalization of the design process. That means the most sustainable way to design as well as it is efficient. Everyone wants to collaborate, as this is so new today that it is bringing the community of fashion back together and joining forces. Until now has been the era of influencers, since the "boom" of virtual fashion and nfts, it is the era of creatives and blockchain. And about the second question, I don’t think we should compare them, because they are totally different. I grew up dreaming about working at an atelier with geniuses like John Galliano or Thierry Mugler. It was my romantic and utopian fashion dream… Because I really understand fashion as art, and what is beautiful about it is that it doesn’t matter if you don’t get it or if you don’t get the trends, but it should move you, it has to make you feel something. For you or for the people who will see your outfit. Therefore, the historic and established fashion houses or virtual brands, both work with the same aim, to create their own vision each in their own way.

Your brand is shrouded in the ethos of being sustainable. Since there is a lot of controversy and speculation surrounding the adverse effects NFTs and crypto transactions can have on the environment, how do you maintain sustainability at the heart of your brand? Nfts are just a small part of all that we do at MAR GUIXA STUDIO. We are very focused on creating the bridge that the brands need to become digitals or at least start the journey in this new world of meta fashion, introducing them to digital processes to create fashion in a sustainable way from the sketch to the production. With Meta Fashion still being fairly new, how do you market your pieces in a society where physical shopping and consumerism is so ingrained? Meta fashion has its own market and clients that now are expanding faster than I could have ever thought, because of the pandemic situation. It has generated new needs, like buying more online and struggling because you can't see the garment well or because you can't try it on. Now we have new tools that are being developed faster than ever, and customers step by step will trust and enjoy them.

With the fashion world being ever changing and striving to be more diverse and inclusive, how do you incorporate this into Mar Guixa Studios? To be honest, I never thought there was another way to do things or work within my studio other than being inclusive and diverse. It is not something that I don't think about a lot, because it is already integrated, working decentralized with professionals around the globe, caring about their ideas, creativity and skills. We listen and we adapt to the needs of the people we work with and our clients. And, of course, we believe in being kind and always open minded in business.

What is the next step for Mar Guixa Studios? Do you have any upcoming projects planned? Our next step is to expand our possibilities to the sky. As now MAR GUIXA STUDIO has limited capabilities when accepting projects because we are small, therefore we can’t do everything that we would like to do. That is why, since a year ago I have been joining forces with Adrià Doy, my associate and we are both co-founders of Trendimensional (@trendimensional), and we are so proud to be dropping our new 3D fashion company a few days ago on social media. Trendimensional is a company whose mission is the 3D digitization of garments for its application as content for e-commerce and marketing and whose vision is to become the main provider of 3D samples for the largest retail groups of the sector. Trendimensional emerges in a context of digital revolution within the fashion industry, in which 3D modeling is incorporated into the production processes of the companies for their optimization: avoiding part of the physical sampling, the material, economic, and environmental costs to which it is associated are minimized. But not only this, we advise and develop strategic actions for the brands, to create community and offer attractive digital utilities for their customers and enter web3. As well as nfts, virtual fashion campaigns and more. Our web is under construction, but it will be out very soon.



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Starting in NFT sales in 2019, Barcelona based Mar Guixa is no stranger to the increasing popularity of the Metaverse. Mar Guixa Studios offer an alternative to the usual (often expensive and unethical) couture fashion, creating an abundance of fun and conceptual garments as part of their various Meta Fashion collections.

Participating in collaborations with musicians such as Frank Renaissance and Mick Jenkins, Mar Guixa Studios are an established brand that focus on creating pieces with hyper realistic finishes to enhance Meta Fashion experience – so it gives off the impression of wearing the real thing. Their Instagram features animations of leather and denim pieces that have fluid movements, mesmerising and entirely realistic, but of course without the costly and environmentally damaging production.

The future of fashion, specifically Meta Fashion will heavily rely on technology and social media, so platforms like DressX which features a host of Meta Fashion designers, including Mar Guixa Studios, are a great starting point. You can try on and buy Mar Guixa pieces, like the stunning Metropolis dress which gives off a disco ball glow. Pieces like this are often unattainable for many, but Mar Guixa Studios gives us the chance to try and buy couture garments that look straight off the red carpet.

With the rise of virtual fashion events, including Digital NYC Fashion Week 2022, Mar Guixa Studios is establishing itself as an iconic and upcoming brand leading the way into a new and meta, fashion experience. On Mar Guixa Studios website they state, “Mar Guixa is the bridge between the physical and the virtual world.” Since traditional methods of art and fashion are constantly transitioning to keep up with the advancement of technology, it is important to have brands like Mar Guixa Studios creating a platform that is accessible and allows us to experience Meta Fashion, whilst informing us about what it really means.



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Meet Mar Guixa:

🪡Fashion Designer

🔭Pioneer of Digital Fashion

🖼 Artist

In this weeks episode of TAKAII Talks we introduce you to @marguixa3d digital fashion designer and first mover in the digital fashion space. Since 2019 Mar has been selling NFT’s and taking part in the first Digital Fashion events across the world. From Art Basel with @dressx to collaboration with musicians @frankrenaissance and @mickjenkins Mar has been riding the wave of Digital Fashion exposure and NFT hype and is now starting her own business!

Join us as we discuss Digital Fashion, NFT’s, the potential of digital expression (which we kind of already do) and tips for any budding designers

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