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MEET OUR DESIGNERS: Global Designer Network

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

DIGITALAX 6 days ago·13 min read

For weeks our digital fashion designers have been ideating, styling, designing, hard at work in their digital fashion labs to create and build exclusive, luxury and hyper realistic 3D digital fashion garments and accessories for the DIGITALAX ecosystem.

Our designers are based globally, from New York to Italy to Spain to South Korea to Mosco to Rwanda…..

They are the DIGITALAX creative engineers and what inspired us to bring this project forward — we want to enable them with the right tool stack, distribution channels, developer collaborations, to take the digital fashion industry into the future and be part of building the next digital economies of scale through gaming and VR.

Digital Fashion is the future. And our designers are an essential part of this.


#virtualfashion #cryptoessentials

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